Basement Drainage

Basement Drainage

High quality drainage channels for use in basements and cellars to safely dispose of groundwater. READ MORE...
Delta drainage channels

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7 Item(s)

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Basement Drainage

It is vitally important that any water ingress from a cavity drain membrane system is transported to a suitable evacuation point. Delta Drainage Channels are installed around the perimeter of a basement or cellar to ensure that groundwater is safely removed from a cellar or basement. This is usually via a sump pump system.

The drainage channels are specially designed to collect and transport the groundwater away to a Delta Sump Pump. The channels have holes in the top that allow water to enter.

Delta manufacture channels as well as connectors. These include pieces that are designed for corners and to cope with uneven walls. They also come with jetting eyes, which make the basement drainage system fully maintainable.

Waterproof & Dry stock an extensive range of Delta drainage channels and connectors including the following`:

Delta Drainage Channels

Delta Connectors

Waterproof & Dry

If you have any questions about Delta drainage systems or using the channels in a basement waterproofing system then contact us today on 0203 947 2972.


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