Delta Damp Proofing

Damp proof walls and eliminate dampness with Delta’s range of high quality damp proofing membranes.

Delta Damp Proofing Membranes

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Delta Damp Proofing Membranes – Above ground

Damp can be harmful to buildings and damp proofing membranes are one way of protecting a property from serious damage.

Delta’s Damp Proof Membranes are highly effective at isolating damp and salt contaminated walls. They also provide a key for deteriorating surfaces. They are made from virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Delta damp proofing membranes are specially manufactured to allow walls to dry out after a new damp proof course (DPC) has been installed.

All Delta membranes benefit from world-class design and high quality manufacturing, so they can be used with complete confidence.

Waterproof & Dry stock a range of Delta damp proofing membranes including:

Delta PT Slimline Mesh Membrane

Delta FM Floor Membrane

Looking for basement waterproofing membranes? Browse Waterproof & Dry’s wide range of Delta Cavity Drain Membranes. Or click through for Delta floor membranes.

Damp Proof Membranes for Walls

If a property is suffering from rising damp due to a missing or failed DPC, it is necessary to install a new DPC. Once a new DPC is installed, you can then use a Delta damp proof membrane in order to finish the walls.

Delta manufacture a number of high quality damp proofing membranes for walls specifically for use after a new DPC has been installed. The wall membranes have a stud profile that creates a space allowing the wall to dry out and breath after the DPC installation.

The drying out process can take several months, but with damp proofing membranes it. allows you to apply a finish almost immediately. The special mesh on the Delta PT provides a key for a variety of wall finishes including renders, plasters or plasterboard so you don’t have to wait to decorate.

Delta PT Membrane

The Delta PT Damp Proof Membrane is designed for use above ground, providing a surface key for a final wall finish following the installation of a new DPC. Delta PT Damp Proof Membranes can be sealed together using Delta Fleece Tape which can accept direct render or plastering.   

Delta Slimline Mesh Membrane

If you are damp proofing in space sensitive areas such as around window reveals then Waterproof & Dry stock Delta’s Slimline Mesh Membrane. The reduced thickness of the membrane’s 4mm profile makes it ideal for these situations. Using Delta PT Ultra Fix Plugs to fix the Slimline Mesh Membrane to concrete or brick will ensure a watertight seal. 

Delta damp proof membrane installation

The process of installing a Delta damp proof membrane is simple. Start by cutting the membrane to size. Next you want to place it on the wall before drilling it and fixing it in place with damp proof membrane plugs. You can then apply your preferred wall finish.

Waterproof & Dry – Delta Membrane Suppliers

Waterproof & Dry are the UK’s only official online supplier of Delta Membranes. We are proud to offer next day delivery when you order before 1pm.

Want more information on Delta damp proofing membranes and how to use them? Speak to Waterproof & Dry’s technical team on 0203 947 2972.