Tanking Products

Tanking Products

Highly effective basement and cellar tanking products from KÖSTER. READ MORE...
Basement Tanking products

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4 Item(s)

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Basement Tanking

At Waterproof & Dry, we are proud to stock a range of specialist tanking products from KÖSTER to protect your basements and other structures from water ingress. These products are environmentally friendly and of the highest quality, meaning that you can use them with confidence.

Although it is preferable to waterproof the external structure during construction, this is not always possible. With KÖSTER basement tanking products, you can waterproof basements and cellars from the inside. Wall tanking is an easy process and an alternative to cavity drainage membrane systems. You need to ensure the substrate is clean and in sound condition. You can use a repair mortar in order to make watertight repairs to the basement walls.

Waterproof & Dry stock KÖSTER tanking products including:

Internal Tanking Products

  • Polysil TG500 – salt & lime inhibitor
  • NB 1 Grey Tanking Slurry
  • Repair Mortar Plus

If you are looking for external waterproofing, we stock external waterproofing coatings like KÖSTER Deuxan 2C and external cavity drain membranes.

Tanking a Basement

You can use a tanking slurry such as KÖSTER NB 1 to tank a basement and keep the interior dry. The slurry creates a watertight layer than prevents moisture from entering. It penetrates deep into the substrate and then reacts with moisture to make the substrate permanently waterproof.

Salt Contamination

If water from surrounding soil enters a substrate such as a basement wall it can transport salts, contaminating the wall. You will need to deal with this salt contamination to prevent the salts from forming crystals that can expand and destroy the building material and ruin any wall finishes /decoration. KÖSTER Polysil TG 500 is a thin fluid salt-inhibitor product that can be used in combination with our waterproofing products to encloses the salt molecules and reduces their mobility.

Waterproof & Dry

If you have any questions about KÖSTER tanking products then contact us today on 0203 947 2972.


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