Floor Membranes

Floor Membranes

Prevent dampness and contamination in floors or use as part of a basement waterproofing system to safely drain away water. READ MORE...
Delta basement floor membranes

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6 Item(s)

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Floor Membranes

Delta floor membranes are designed for use in cellars and basements to prevent dampness and contamination. They can also be installed as part of a basement waterproofing system to help safely drain away ground water.

These basement floor membranes benefit from world-class design and high quality manufacturing, so they can be used with complete confidence. Delta FM membranes are also easy to install.

Delta floor membranes are available in various stud sizes depending on your needs. The 3mm stud provides protection from damp without raising the floor level where as the 20mm stud is designed to deal with large amounts of water. 

Waterproof & Dry stock an extensive range of Delta floor membranes including:

  • Delta FM Membrane - Floor Membranes for damp proofing
  • Delta MS500 Membrane – Floor Membranes for basements

Looking for Delta Damp Proofing Membranes? Or Basement Wall Membranes?

Basement Waterproofing Systems

Floor membranes are used with cavity drainage wall membranes and sump pump systems as part of a type C basement waterproofing system. This sealed system can deal with water ingress, disposing of groundwater safely.

Waterproof & Dry

If you have any questions about Delta floor membranes or basement waterproofing systems then contact us today on 0203 947 2972.


Delta MS 500 Clear 40m²

Solve damp at source with Delta MS 500 Clear Membrane
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Delta MS20 Floor Membrane 20mm Stud 40m²

Ideal for damp proofing walls, floors & vaulted ceilings
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