Delta Basement Waterproofing

Delta is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cavity drainage membranes for use in basement waterproofing.

Delta Membranes Basement Waterproofing

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  1. Delta MS 500
    Delta MS 500 Clear 40m²
    £166.50 Ex VAT
    £199.80 Inc VAT
  2. Delta MS 500 Clear
    Delta MS 500 Clear Membrane 48m²
    £197.50 Ex VAT
    £237.00 Inc VAT
  3. Delta PT Lath
    Delta PT Mesh Membrane 15m²
    £105.00 Ex VAT
    £126.00 Inc VAT
  4. Delta PT Clear with Mesh
    Delta PT Mesh Membrane 40m²
    £260.00 Ex VAT
    £312.00 Inc VAT
  5. Delta MS20
    Delta MS20 Floor Membrane 20mm Stud 40m²
    £244.50 Ex VAT
    £293.40 Inc VAT
  6. Delta Rope
    Delta Rope 10mm x 4.75m
    £10.00 Ex VAT
    £12.00 Inc VAT
  7. Delta Tape
    Delta Tape 28mm x 22.5m
    £32.00 Ex VAT
    £38.40 Inc VAT
  8. Delta Corner Strip
    Delta Corner Strip 150mm x 20m
    £54.00 Ex VAT
    £64.80 Inc VAT
  9. Delta Plugs
    Delta Plugs Box of 100
    £30.00 Ex VAT
    £36.00 Inc VAT
  10. Delta Qwik Seal Plugs
    Delta Qwik Seal Plug Box of 100
    £49.60 Ex VAT
    £59.52 Inc VAT
  11. Delta PT Plugs
    Delta PT Plugs Box of 200
    £31.20 Ex VAT
    £37.44 Inc VAT
  12. Delta PT Plugs with grommet Box of 250
    Delta PT Plugs with Grommets Box of 200
    £57.50 Ex VAT
    £69.00 Inc VAT
  13. Delta FlexiDri Plus Plugs With Grommets
    Delta FlexiDri Plus Plugs With Grommets Box of 100
    £55.00 Ex VAT
    £66.00 Inc VAT

More information on Delta Basement Waterproofing

Cavity Drain Membranes for Basements & Cellars 

Delta waterproofing membranes are designed for use in cellars and basements as well as for new build construction. They benefit from world-class design and high quality manufacturing, so you can use them with complete confidence.

Whether undertaking a full basement conversion or new build basement waterproofing project, Delta has a waterproofing membrane to meet your requirements.

Waterproof & Dry stock an extensive range of Delta cavity drain membranes to protect your property against water ingress. They include:

We also stock a range of KÖSTER tanking products.

Looking for above ground damp proofing membranes? Browse Waterproof & Dry's wide range.

Delta basement waterproofing systems

In Basement Waterproofing systems, you need cavity drain membranes that can deal with aggressive groundwater ingress.

Delta’s internal cavity drain membranes can be used as part of a Type C waterproofing system to form a waterproof barrier as well as adequately draining the water to a suitable outlet. With most waterproofing systems for basements, water is channelled to a sump pump drainage system.

Delta membrane systems also rely on high quality basement floor membranes. These come with different stud depths to meet various drainage requirements. 

Installing a Delta Cavity Drain Membrane

Delta Basement Membranes are easy to install with little to no preparation required before fixing them mechanically to the substrate. Delta membrane systems offer

Read our complete guide to installing a Delta basement waterproofing system.

Waterproof & Dry – Delta Cavity Drain Membrane Suppliers

If you have any questions about Delta Cavity Drain membranes or basement waterproofing systems then contact us on 0203 947 2972.