External Waterproofing

External Waterproofing

Ensure new build basements and cellars are safe from water ingress with Delta’s External Waterproofing system. READ MORE...
Delta external waterproofing membrane

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External Wall Waterproofing 

Underground parts of buildings that are earth retaining such as basement foundation walls can be damaged by water ingress from the outside or by ground water under hydrostatic pressure. During construction, external waterproofing systems are installed to deal with this hydrostatic pressure and protect basements and cellars.

Delta’s external waterproofing system is designed to alleviate the hydrostatic pressure, protecting your basement. The system is comprised of both primary and secondary waterproofing in order to fully protect your foundation walls. Delta manufacture high quality primary and secondary waterproofing products including: 

Primary Waterproofer - applied to the external wall to create a waterproof coating. It should lap over the foot of the foundation. 

Secondary Waterproofing – external cavity drain membranes act as a layer of protection for the primary waterproofer, especially during backfilling, as well as quickly removing groundwater to a suitable drainage point such as a French drain. 

External Waterproof Membranes

Delta’s External Waterproofing Membranes are available as geocomposites. This means the membranes come with an internal filter that filters the water to prevent particles from blocking the drainage channels. These exterior waterproof membranes can be used up to a depth of 10 metres. 


The GeoDrain membranes are easily laid from a roll and can be fixed to external insulation using grip fasteners.


The primary waterproofing layer needs to be protected against damage during backfilling and as the structure settles. Sharp, pointy rocks are particularly dangerous as they can cause cracks and gaps that allow water to get in. The Delta external waterproof membrane provides this protection.   

Delta Geo-Drain Clips and MS-Profile are designed for when insulation is used. They protect the top edge of the membrane from earth and mud.

With external and structural waterproofing systems, Delta’s products are designed to be highly flexible, allowing for movement as the building settles.

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