Delta NP Drain Membrane 2m x 20m

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An external geocomposite waterproofing membrane designed to protect a property from moisture, preventing root penetration and reducing water pressure building against the wall.

Delta Geocomposite Drain Membrane

The Delta two-layer NP Drain Membrane is an external waterproofing membrane, providing vertical and horizontal protection from groundwater penetration. This high-performance geocomposite membrane can divert water away from external walls of all types to a suitable discharge point. It can also be used as protection for a Type A waterproofing system. 

Delta’s external drain membrane features a specifically-designed dimple structure that creates high levels of drainage capacity while maintaining a strong compressive strength of 150 kN/m2. This means that it provides  highly reliable drainage for external waterproofing systems, effectively relieving hydrostatic pressure. 

Constructed from a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE),  the membrane is durable, compact and chemical resistant. The membrane features a geotextile filter fabric layer which prevents fine particles from causing blockages, ensuring a constant flow of water to the drainage channel. 

External Waterproofing with Delta Drain Membrane

The Delta NP Drain membrane can be used on a range of underground structures, including:

  • Retaining walls
  • Basement walls
  • Green roof parking decks
  • Garden roofs over underground buildings
  • Tunnels
  • Podium decks
  • Civil engineering projects

Delta NP Drain Membrane Installation

The installation process for the Delta NP Membrane is simple. 

Make sure the wall is clear and dry before fixing the membrane to the wall. The geotextile layer should always face the soil. 

Lay the membrane sheet straight from the roll on top of the wall or waterproofing system. On higher walls, lay the sheet vertically from top to bottom, unless the waterproof coating is 1.9m high. In which case, place the membrane horizontally. Cut the sheets to length required across the roll - a carpet knife can be used for this. 

Overlap membranes using the non-dimpled strip, which exists along one edge of all membranes. Lift up the geotextile fabric and place the sheet beneath it, and fix using a minimum of four Delta Haftnagel pins. 

Full installation guidance is provided with the membrane.

Waterproof & Dry – Specialist Suppliers of Delta NP Drain Membrane

If you’re looking for Delta products at trade prices, then look no further than Waterproof & Dry. As leading suppliers of Delta NP Drain Membrane and other waterproofing products, we provide instructions to help ensure simple installation. If you’re looking for more information regarding Delta membranes, then our technical team is happy to help. Call 0203 947 2972 or send us an email at [email protected].

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  •  Acts as a drainage solution for a range of structures
  •  Conforms to EN 13252
  •  Can be used to protect Type A Waterproofing systems
  •  High compressive strength
  •  Geotextile layer filters out particles to prevent blockage
  •  Manufactured with HDPE for chemical resistance
  •  Protects against root penetration
More Information
Model DMS 022
Manufacturer Delta Membranes
Packaging Individual unit
Size 2m x 20m
Coverage 40m² (2m x 20m)
Colour Brown
Country of Manufacture Germany

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