KÖSTER KSK SY 15 - 21m²

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Koster KSK SY 15 is a cold applied self-adhesive bitumen membrane. Recognised as Type A post applied waterproofing for positive side (external waterproofing).

Self adhesive waterproof membrane 

This self-adhesive membrane is highly flexible, immediately waterproof and bridges small cracks and minor defects. Self-sealing and highly tear resistant, allowing for easy repair of minor damages.

Koster KSK SY 15 is radon proof, suitable for waterproofing concrete structures or their elements in contact with the ground, to protect against the ingress of moisture or dissolved salts.

Installing Koster Self-adhesive Membrane

Before installing Koster KSK SY 15 it is necessary to prepare the area correctly.  All edges must be curved and the face of the walls must be comprehensively cleaned  and free from any adhesion-inhibiting substances.

Surface should be smooth and level, voids, breakouts or any irregularities along with a rounded fillet installation at wall/floor junction can be addressed with Koster Repair Mortar Plus.

After the application of Koster Bitumen Primer (not suitable for ICF construction), and once the primer is completely dry, the membrane is ready to be adhered to the surface.

  1. All interior and exterior corners are reinforced by applying pre-cut membrane pieces approximately 30 cm wide. Remove the backing paper just before applying the membrane to the surface.
  2. For waterproofing of the especially demanding internal and external corners use specially cut pieces of membrane. Refer to the KÖSTER KSK application guidelines on the packaging for details.
  3. Waterproof wall surfaces beginning approx. 30 cm above ground level, proceeding downwards to the wall floor junction and on to the side of the foundation. Pre-cut the membrane to the required length. Apply the membrane by removing the protective paper and pressing the membrane onto the substrate. Overlap the edge of the previously applied membrane by a minimum of 5 cm. All overlapping areas of the membranes must be firmly pressed together. Remove the backing paper from the self-adhesive edge before applying the next membrane.
  4. Mechanically fix the upper ends of the membranes with large-headed zinc-coated nails, (5 pieces/m), or with a fixing profile.

Tip: When cutting membranes, always use a sharp knife and to avoid having the knife stick to the membrane, wet the blade repeatedly.

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If you have any technical questions about Koster KSK SY 15, call our expert team on 0203 947 2972. Find out more about Koster waterproofing systems or browse our full range of Koster Tanking products.


  • Cold applied self-adhesive
  • Crack-bridging
  • Radon-proof
  • Immediately waterproofed
  • Solvent-free
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Can be applied to all mineral substrates as well as plastic and metal
  • Age resistant
More Information
Model DMS 245
Manufacturer Delta Membranes
Packaging Individual item
Size 1.05mm x 20m
Dillution Ready to use
Coverage Up to 21m² depending on joints
Colour Black
CE Mark Yes
Country of Manufacture Germany

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