KÖSTER NB Elastic Grey 33kg

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Koster NB Elastic Grey is a two component, elastic, waterproofing coating with excellent adhesion to all mineral substrates. NB Elastic Grey can bridge cracks up to a width of 2mm, is abrasive and UV resistant and resistant to corrosive liquids such as dilute acids and alkalis.

Flexible Tanking Grout

This dry powder and liquid component mix can create a waterproof barrier on the positive side up to 7 bar. NB Elastic Grey is able to bridge cracks with its elastic properties, whilst also protecting substrates from sulphates and carbon dioxide. This multifaceted product can be used for a wide variety of external waterproofing.

Uses of Koster NB Elastic Grey

Koster NB Elastic is designed for positive side waterproofing, this waterproof coating can be used for areas subject to mechanical stresses or areas subject to cracking. Such as waterproofing layers on terraces and balconies as protection for concrete surfaces. This can apply to the following areas:

  • Showers, wet rooms
  • Waterproofing balconies and terraces before laying ceramic tiles
  • Waterproofing swimming pools
  • Protection of concrete pillars and beams against the penetration of carbon dioxide.
  • Protection of concrete surfaces that may come into contact with sulphates, seawater, and de-icing salts such as sodium or calcium chloride.

How to apply Koster NB Elastic

Koster NB Elastic should be applied to a sound, solid, and clean substrate. If the substrate is porous the surface should be primed with Koster Polysil TG500. Non-absorbent substrates are pre-wetted until damp before application. Avoid standing water on the area before coating.

Mix both components thoroughly, the powder should be added to the liquid component and should be applied in at least two coats with a trowel or brush. In areas where the risk of cracking is high, Koster Glass fiber mesh is embedded in the top of the fresh first layer. The second coat should be applied once the first coat is touch dry and wouldn't be disturbed by the application of subsequent layers.

For wall/floor joints, corners and details, KÖSTER Flex Fabric must always be embedded in the top of the fresh first layer.

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If you have any technical questions about Koster NB Elastic, call our expert team on 0203 947 2972. Find out more about Koster waterproofing systems or browse our full range of Koster Tanking products.


  • Suitable for all mineral substrates
  • Crack bridging
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Vapour permeable
  • Chemical resistance
  • Long pot life
More Information
Model DMS 372
Manufacturer Delta Membranes
Packaging Individual item
Size 33 kg 2 part
Dillution Two components mixed as per datasheet
Coverage 3.6 - 4.5 kg/m²
Colour Grey
CE Mark Yes.
Country of Manufacture Germany

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