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MS500 Wall Installation with Qwik Plug

Delta Membrane Installation Guide

Delta manufactures some of the most versatile and high-performing waterproofing membranes on the market. Having been designed by experienced waterproofing specialists, Delta’s waterproof membranes have a fantastic reputation amongst construction professionals, architects, surveyors and those involved in large-scale waterproofing projects. 

One characteristic that reflects the high level of industry input is ease of installation.  Regardless of whether you are waterproofing a wall or floor externally or internally, fitting Delta membranes is easy, quick and intuitive. As official Delta Waterproofing stockists, we  have created this Delta membrane installation guide to give you an outline of how to fit the key floor and wall membrane products in the Delta range.

Delta MS membrane installation

Delta’s MS membrane range consists of two multi-application cavity drain membranes that can both be used on floors, vaulted ceilings and walls. The MS20 membrane is a heavy-duty cavity drainage membrane with a 20mm stud profile. It offers maximum drainage capacity and is suitable for below ground rooms that are subject to more intense water ingress. The MS500 serves the same purpose but its 8mm cavities are more suited to situations with light water ingress.

Installing Delta MS20 as a floor membrane

The Delta MS20 has a high level of resistance to compression. It is also extremely durable and resistant to rot and degradation caused by radon gas and efflorescence. These qualities make it the perfect floor drainage membrane for sub-ground structures like basements. Delta MS20 is also suitable for various internal floor build ups as detailed below:

  • Delta MS20 floor membrane, insulation Tongue & Groove Chipboard

  • Delta MS20 floor membrane Insulation Screed

  • Delta MS20 floor membrane Insulation Underfloor heating, Screed

To install the Delta MS20 as a floor cavity drain membrane follow these steps: 

  1. First carry out a flood test using a maintainable perimeter drainage channel recessed into the sacrificial screed

  2. Make sure that the drainage channel around the side of the room is level or at a slight angle towards the drainage outlet so water can flow freely away. Apply an anti-lime coating (Polysil TG 500) to the concrete surface to reduce the risk of leaching from free lime and mineral salts

  3. Roll out the Delta MS20 membrane in widthways strips making sure that each sheet overlaps the last by a three stud width

  4. Leave a space of 5mm between any floor piping and the membrane. Fill these side gaps with Delta Sealing Rope and then use Delta Tape to create a watertight seal on the perimeters 

  5. Where it meets the wall, use a Delta corner strip to seal the wall/floor junction. 

Installing Delta MS20 on a wall

The MS20’s 20mm studs allow for significant drainage volume. This makes the MS20 suitable for instances with higher volumes of water penetration or extremely vulnerable environments for example flood risk areas or tunnels. 

To install Delta MS20 on a wall: 

  1. Prepare the wall surface so that it is structurally sound and relatively flat . Any defects, cracks or large voids  should be repaired before hand

  2. Roll the Delta MS20 around the inside of the wall taking care to keep the stud lines level

  3. If obstructions such as pipes, doors or windows are encountered, install each membrane sheet up to the area and seal with Delta Corner Strip.

  4. Drill through the stud holes and plug the gaps with studs with spacings of about 900mm if attaching directly to masonry

  5. Re-mount any switches or electrical protrusions once the membrane is installed

  6. Install perimeter drainage and floor membranes

  7. Install further layer build-ups as appropriate  

Installing Delta MS500 on a wall

Delta MS500 is a water management system that can be used for above and below ground structures. Delta MS500 can be used on vaulted ceilings, walls and floors for basements. Suited to conditions of light water ingress, MS500 is supplied as a semi transparent membrane t and is simple to install:  

  1. Prepare the wall surface so that it is structurally sound and relatively flat. Any defects, cracks or large voids should be repaired

  2. Repare the the substrate with a primer for strengthening and anti-lime leaching with  Polysil TG500 

  3. Roll out the MS500 sheeting in either vertical or horizontal strips with the stud side facing the wall

  4. Fix the sheets to the wall using Delta quick seal plugs. Note, if the masonry substrate is friable, the MS500 clear membrane will allow you to identify suitable fixing points. 

  5. Both vertical and horizontal joins should be sealed using a strong butyl tape such as Delta tape

  6. Fit the Delta drainage channel at the base in front  of the membrane where it meets the drainage route  

  7. Affix the Delta Corner strip to join the wall and floor junctions to create a vapour barrier and ensure double protection. 

Installing the Delta MS500 on a floor 

Whilst the MS20 is the most common choice for floor a membrane installation, sometimes there can be limited headheight in a basement or cellar. The 8mm cavities on the Delta MS 500s make it the perfect room space saver. Installation can be carried out with the same steps used to install the MS20 on a floor. 

Delta Mesh membrane installation

Delta PT Mesh membrane is an 8mm meshed faced membrane suitable for above and below ground installation. It creates an air gap between itself and the wall, allowing any water ingress to drop down to the drainage channel and be taken to the evacuation point or when used above ground the air gap allows ventilation behind the membrane which allows the wall to dry out. The Delta PT Mesh membrane has a mesh lined face that can directly bond with a selection of wet applied internal wall finishes which can save space on installation. The air gap between the cavity face and wall means that the wet plaster is also separated from the affected damp area.  

The PT mesh is bondable with a number of different build up combinations as detailed below: 

Delta PT Mesh + Dab adhesive + Plasterboard + Skim coat


Delta PT Mesh + Render coat + Skim coat

Installing the Delta PT mesh membrane on a wall

  1. Prepare the wall surface so that it is structurally sound and relatively flat. Any defects, cracks or large voids should be repaired

  2. Roll out the Delta PT Mesh into vertical sheet sections that are the height length of your wall

  3. Overlap each vertical sheet with the next using the non-meshed side sections and fix these to the wall using Delta PT Plugs with grommets at 250mm vertical and horizontal centres. 

  4. When fixing the Delta PT to the walls ensure there is no bounce or flex within the membrane. This membrane would be tight flush to the wall so requires a lot more fixings than installing MS500. 

  5. Seal the plugged overlap joints with Delta Tape and then apply Delta fleece tape which will accept render. 

  6. Once installed Delta PT requires all future fixtures and services to be surface mounted.  

Installing the Delta FM membrane

Delta FM membrane is a high compressive strength, low profiled floor membrane for damp proofing, designed to isolate damp or contaminants within existing concrete surfaces and allow for multiple floor finishes. The 4mm studs are designed to minimise floor raising which makes the Delta FM ideal for rooms with limited height. Delta FM is compatible with underfloor heating. 

Installing the Delta FM membrane on floors is simple:

  1. Measure out the appropriate width of your membrane sheets and place the first one stud side down on the floor 

  2. Apply a strip of Delta Tape along the edge flange 

  3. Join the flanged edge of the next sheet strip by overlapping it with the tapped joint section of the previous sheet (step 2) 

  4. Once installed floor finishes can be applied on top instantly 


Delta Membranes at Waterproof and Dry

At Waterproof and Dry we provide an excellent selection of Delta membranes for use on floors, walls and vaulted ceilings. As the UK’s number one Delta supplier we take pride in offering a 1-3 day delivery service on all items.

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